Research list:
Community Survey
The results in this study are used to calculate consumer sentiment which measures the realtive amounts of positive to negative attitudes by consumers in our local area with regard to current economic conditions and future expectations.  

Local Business Survey
​​The results of this study measure the expectations of local business for the upcoming year regarding local and national economic conditions and the costs of doing business.   

The Economic Impact of the Cooper Creek Tennis Complex
The Butler Center for Business and Economic Research at Columbus State University was asked to estimate the ecnomic impact of the current facilities at the newly constructed Cooper Creek Tennis Complex and to estimate the impact of the proposed expanision.  
The Economic Impact of Columbus State Universty's Riverpark Campus
As the development of Columbus State University's RiverPark campus continues, the economic benefits, this study quantifies the economic benefits that this development has had on the community since its inception through present day.  
Muscogee County Property Tax Freeze
The Butler Center for Business and Economic Research was contacted by the Columbus Consolidated Government to provide an analysis of the fiscal effects of the current property tax "freeze" and possible reforms on the County and its residents. This study consists of four briefs as a summary of our findings. 
County Employment Trends and Recovery
Muscogee County, GA
Harris County, GA
Marion County, GA
Chattahoochee County, GA
Russell County, AL
TSPLOST on Residents of Muscogee County